In your bedroom
I cannot breathe
heavy smokescreen
where our eyes meet
and your mouth moves
but you cannot speak
and I cannot hear
though words are forming

And I say no, no I don't want this
but you've never been so loveless
still you've never held me tighter
than when you thought that you had lost it

You are the mountains
you are the endless sky
and you are keeping up
but you are getting tired
but I'll tell you
I'm not afraid of heights
green, to grey clouds
disperse for one last time

And I can grow my hair
and I can paint my face
and I can be right there
believe me I can wait


from Bedroom​/​Balloons, released September 14, 2015
recorded by Jonathan Coddington/Bottle Rocket Recording

written/performed by Alanna McArdle



all rights reserved


Alanna McArdle UK

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